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GOALS is an accelerated high school program for students who are over age, under credits, and at-risk of not graduating with their cohort.  Some students have circumstances which prevent them from being successful in a traditional school setting.  GOALS offers a positive option to the larger secondary school setting, allowing students to work at an accelerated pace with a blend of face-to-face teacher support, Imagine Learning online curriculum, and social-emotional learning in a non-traditional school setting to achieve a high school diploma and prepare for their next step in life.  Our program currently has a waiting list, but interested candidates may complete the online application at any time. 

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REACH is the district’s disciplinary alternative education program (DAEP) for students who have been removed from their home campuses for a designated period of time due to severe and/or repeated violations of the LEISD Student Code of Conduct or reasons defined in Chapter 37 of the Texas Education Code. Our goals during a REACH placement are (1) to provide a highly structured, learning environment for students to maintain pace with the home campus core academic classes, (2) address problematic behaviors through social-emotional learning and self-discipline course content for successful transition back to the home campus, and (3) provide goal setting, conflict resolution guidance, relationship building, support for better decision making, and academic planning.

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