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About us

The Alternative Learning Campus provides a respectful learning environment, consistent practices, and meaningful relationship building that empowers capable lifelong learners.


Our DAEP history began in a small portable building located behind the high school in the 2000-2001 school year under the leadership of Todd Dailey. As the district began to grow, the DAEP campus was relocated to the Delilah King Early Learning Center and Kristi Hargrove joined the leadership team. Dr. Jennifer Porter, Assistant Director of Curriculum at the time, expanded the scope of the DAEP campus by initiating the AIMS and GOALS programs, accelerated programs of choice to meet the needs of struggling middle school and high school students, respectively. In 2013, Bill Bush began his first year as Coordinator of Alternative Education Programs at King Early Learning Center.   The campus relocated to the Zellars Center for Leadership and Development and  in 2015, the AIMS program was revised to work with high school students seeking career and technical industry endorsements at the high school while accelerating their core content classes at Zellars. As the district continued its extraordinary growth, the changing needs of students resulted in the dissolution of the AIMS program, leaving the GOALS program and the newly branded REACH program for disciplinary alternative education program (DAEP) placements. In 2023, the GOALS and REACH programs became the focus for the Alternative Learning Campus as it relocated into the newly renovated LEISD Administration Building at 400 Lobo Lane. At this new location, the Alternative Learning Campus also gained a new principal in Terilyn Thomas-Monday.